Proprietary is a consulting and advisory company. Since its establishment, we in Proprietary have decided to adhere to the principle that the client and his interests are first. This has led us to create a business model based on fulfillment of agreed results and promised goals. “Client first” means responsibility, trust and competence in everyday work. But at Proprietary, our commitment to the client goes even further.

For corporate advisory clients, our "client first" approach means that we approach client consultancy as when deciding on managing of our own assets while maintaining integrity and loyalty to the client.

For clients in public sector, our commitment means that we approach the client's advice with respect to the final beneficiary - inhabitants of Slovakia and quality of provided public services.

For clients in area of ​​alternative fuels, our commitment means that we only recommend technical solutions and quality installations that we believe and we are convinced that they are the right solution for specific client needs.


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Our vision and goal

Ing. Peter HABO, director


Trust of the client commits us, we feel responsible for it and we do respect it in Proprietary Partners. To build and gain the trust for us means individual, discreet and precise approach, but above all, to fulfill promises. We put our trust in relevance and completeness of information provided to the client. The two-way relationship is the basis for the proper functioning of the company-client relationship. 


Personal integrity is a manifestation of human maturity and a guarantee of long-term relationships. Short-term victories can be tempting, but the long-term and stable goal, which is the satisfaction of our partners, is decisive. Open and transparent communication with the client is a natural part of our services.  

Exceptional professionality 

We achieve excellent results that will not settle for average work and not give up until things do not work as we set out to do. Detachment and focus on detail not perceive the contradiction
but rather as a necessary part of success.