We provide advice in cases where the client seeks assistance in assessing the advantageousness of the offered or discussed transaction terms. Selling a business is a decision that many managers and owners only take once - with only one attempt to do it right.

We are able to accompany shareholders and management at each stage of the transaction and, through a professional approach, help ensure that transaction parameters are set to acceptable levels and the transaction is executed. We provide independent advice and support in order to help sellers avoid many pitfalls and increase their chances of a successful transaction.


We manage the transaction comprehensively, including:

  • Review options,
  • Valuation of the company,
  • prepare an information memorandum for investors,
  • identifying potential investors,
  • Negotiation - on behalf of the seller with potential investors and their advisers
  • Vendor due diligence - in order to give investors a comprehensive and independent view of your business and
  • Transaction Management - Since we have been involved in the sales process many times, we have the best prerequisites to project the transaction to its successful completion.