LNG is not explosive.

LNG is not flammable.

Demonstration of security measures and equipment.

When heating LNG vapors above -160F (-106.7C):

  • It's lighter than air.
  • Rather, it rises and scatters before it collects near the ground.
  • Flammable at 5-15% with oxygen.
  • Explosive if flammable gas concentrations occur in confined spaces.


Stack Design:

Hlavne dizajn musí byť v súlade s predpismi, najmä pokiaľ ide o bezpečnosť v nasledujúcom zmysle:

  • Odstupy pre rozptyl výparov.
  • Existencia tepelne vylúčených zón podľa noriem.
  • Zabezpečenie správneho odčlenenia osôb a prípadnej zóny požiaru.

LNG a bezpečnosť

In particular, the design must comply with the regulations, in particular with regard to safety in the following sense:

  • Vapor dispersion distances.
  • Existence of thermally excluded zones according to standards.
  • Ensuring proper separation of persons and potential fire zones.

LNG and security

The LNG industry has a long and excellent level of safety. There have been few accidents in LNG.


  • Cleveland LNG storage facility in 1944 (info).
  • Skikda (Algeria) liquefaction plant in 2004.

Safety aspects:

  • Management.
  • Handling equipment.
  • Device operation.
  • LNG leak assessment.